Annual INSIGHTS Middle East Call Centre & CX Awards 2019

Call Centre Awards 2019 Middle East CX Awards Problem Solver Awards

Are You The Best? - Have Your Achievements Recognized & Validated

  • The Leading, Regional Peer-Judged Competition
  • New Awards Format For Sites, Individuals & Problem Solvers
  • A Proven Way To Foster Teamwork, Kickstart Improvement Initiatives & Accelerate Development
+ So Much More

Call Centre

  • Have You Allocated Your Call Centre Resources For Maximum Return?
  • Do You Know, & Are You Meeting Your Customers Expectations?
  • Is Your Call Centre The Best In It's Category Or Even Amongst It's Peers?


  • Is Your CX Initiative Purposefully Supported & Driven By Senior Management?
  • How Good Is Your CX Modelling Methodology At Driving The Required Customer Behaviours?
  • Do You Have A Creditable CX Value Proposition That Can Demonstrate A Positive RoI?

Clients That Outsource

  • New Awards To Recognize The Wisdom & Effectiveness Of Outsourcing
  • Multiple Awards Recognising Excellence In Outsourcing Operations, Management & Reporting
  • Mutually Beneficial Benefits That Arose As A Result Of Establishing A Win-Win Relationship

Find Out By Participating In The 14th Annual INSIGHTS Awards Competition

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INSIGHTS Awards'19 Outline Timeline

September 1, 2018Competition Opens
November 22, 2018 Awards Awareness Day
Februay 28, 2019 Closing Date For Submissions
February 28, 2019 Closing Date For Problem-Solver Awards Submission
March 1 - April 3, 2019 International Judging
April 4, 2019 Regional Judging Panel
April 17, 2019 Awards Night Gala Dinner

February 28 - Closing Date For Problem-Solver Awards Submission

Problem Solver Awards Problem-Solver Awards are judged DURING the annual Middle East Call Centre/CX Conference. Nominees are invited to submit a description of how they solved a particular call centre problem (plus a 15 minute presentation overview). The best ones will be invited to present at MECC/CX 19 and the delegates there on the day will decide who the winner is. The initial list of potential "regional problems" will be sent to applicants who submit their details

Awards Awareness Day - November 22, 2018

Middle East Call Centre Awards Awareness Day

Discover How To :-

  • Prepare a better Awards submission.
  • Decide which Awards are the best ones for you to focus on.
  • Build a team that is driven to showcase your call centre in its best light.
  • Avoid the most common and most costly (marking-wise) submission errors that many organisations make.
  • Emulate the most common success traits of previous Call Centre Awards winners.

And In The Process :-

  • Reach out to other parts of the organisation & help them understand the call centre's value proposition
  • Reinforce your call centre's team culture
  • Understand a proven Call Centre life-cycle development model and how you can leverage it for continuous, ongoing improvement.
  • Ensure you are selected for the regional Awards judging panel.

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Proven Ways To Improve Your Awards Submission


Attend INSIGHTS courses such as "CEM Essentials" & "Essential Planning and Operational Skills for Contact Centre Managers" to understand more about key ideas and methodologies driving continuous call centre improvement.

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Participating in an INSIGHTS FLAGS initiative not only guarantees you a FLAGS Pioneer Award but the extra awareness and insights needed to produce a superior Awards submission.

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Our new "Problem-Solver" category opens up multiple opportunities for pre-MECC conference delivery critique and refinement.

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INSIGHTS Call Centre/CX Methodologies (ICCM) - Note

Your Awards submission will be sent to our panel of International Judges and they will use a scorecard based on INSIGHTS Call Centre/CX methodologies (ICCM) to mark it. ICCM covers all aspects of customer experience and call centre strategy, branding and operations. The details of ICCM may be best understood through INSIGHTS courses, FLAGS audits and other INSIGHTS consultancy interventions.

The highest Judges scores will be nominated for the different Title Awards, and the winners from these nominees will be decided on Judging Day (though not publically announced till the Awards Gala Dinner on April 17.)

1. Yes, I am familiar with ICCM
2. I am somewhat familiar with ICCM
3. No, I am not familiar with ICCM