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Train The Call Centre Trainer

Foundation Course

A brand new, regionally-customized course designed to help trainers to :

Train The Call Centre Trainer
  • Plan and present interactive sessions that inspire participants to higher performance
  • Facilitate learning as opposed to lecturing
  • Improve retention rates among call centre staff
  • Focus delivery on achieving specific, measurable and repeatable performance objectives.
  • Provide balanced assessment results to senior managers and for ongoing training and development initiatives


The fast-growing call centre industry in the region is in a hurry to achieve world-class standards of performance. Top decision makers, rapidly realising the vast potential for increased customer revenue, are learning that running a call centre effectively and as a profit centre requires the coordination and management of a diverse group of people performing many different and often multiple roles. As each role requires a unique set of competencies and skill sets that must be continuously developed and enhanced, it is imperative that to ensure optimum and ongoing performance improvement, the call centre has access to the services of a dynamic and capable training function. Some organisations are big enough to have a training department and their own in-house trainers. In others, the call centre decides to choose "trainers" from within their own ranks often, as a result of personal characteristics displayed. In these and other situations, the trainers chosen for the role will also need some rigorous, preparatory training of their own.

That this is the case is not simply because the call centre is a specialist area and particular knowledge and capabilities are required. It is also true that call centre trainers need to be able to motivate and inspire call centre staff in many particular ways. In short, if you as a call centre trainer cannot convince your audience that you not only understand the call centre "experience" but can relate to the day-to-day trials and tribulations empathetically, then the results of your classroom delivery are likely to be minimal.

The INSIGHTS "Trainer the Call Centre Trainer" Foundation course has been carefully prepared with all these factors in mind. It has been built from many years of experience by the staff of INSIGHTS and their access to the resources of their many world-class partners.

Key Learning Points

  • Mastering the procedural steps required to prepare a successful training session.
  • Practicing how to maintain classroom control whilst encouraging feedback, learner participation, role-plays and group activities.
  • Presenting with style (and often humor) to ensure that delegates stay involved and want to contribute.
  • Handling problematic participants and the best ways to minimize their disruptive tendencies.
  • Maintaining a balanced approach to individual assessment which collates quantitative and qualitative results fairly.

Your Path To Excellence

Becoming an exceptional call centre trainer is extremely rewarding both personally and professionally. But as with all worthwhile endeavors, the key ingredients to success are hard work and inspired direction. Successful completion of the INSIGHTS Train the Call Centre Trainer Foundation course is designed to put you firmly on the road to call centre trainer excellence.

Following this course you will find a host of further INSIGHTS training interventions and services to help you be the best call centre trainer you can be.

These include:

  • More, advanced Train the Trainer courses
  • A world-class, INSIGHTS Train the Trainer Certification scheme
  • An ability to license INSIGHTS content for your own in-house training courses (see the special bonus opposite included with this course)
  • Special link-ups to online training resources and testing procedures.

Who Should Attend

  • Call Centre Trainers
  • Senior Call Centre Personnel
  • Managers of Smaller Call Centres
  • Team Leaders
  • Coaching Staff
  • Organisational Presenters
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Training Department Managers
  • Independent Consultants/Trainers

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