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BrownellDr. Brownell has been presenting at Call Centre and Customer Management conferences since 1997 but his speaking heritage goes back a lot further. His recent speaking slots tend to be focused more on people management and business processes although he regularly speaks about related technologies such as CRM, Telecommunications and IP telephony. Brownell is equally at home speaking to audiences of 50 or 2,000 and is a regular Keynote speaker at industry conferences in Europe, Middle East and USA.. His wealth of 'hands-on' experience in these geographies assists in his anecdotal methodologies that bring the key concepts and messages to life.

Brownell has a track record of invigorating, exciting and motivating conference delegates across the world. Brownell adopts a partnership style as he sees conference success as much his responsibility as the organisers.

BrownellConference To this end, Brownell can regularly be found in the conference room assisting with setup and has even been known to take a seat at the registration desk. He enjoys mingling with delegates during break and lunch sessions and is more than willing to engage in informal discussions with any of the attendees.

Once on the stage, his focus on delegate engagement takes over and Brownell quickly unleashes a barrage of delegate participation techniques.

Conference Brownell brings 'Total Customer Experience' to the conference and ensures that the delegates don't just hear, they learn, they remember and they have a lot of fun doing it. So much fun, that they want to come back next year for another instalment

BrownellConference Presentations may be customised to cover any required time duration. Typical sessions last between 45 and 90 minutes (at the discretion of the organiser). Key Note addresses sometimes last up to 2 hours. The timing of presentations is not very important as long as the Doctor is aware of the requirements in advance and can adjust the content appropriately.

The Doctor will normally provide the organisers with slide handouts in either ppt or pps format so the organiser can arrange printing and distribution as required. If delegates are to be provided with softcopies, the Doctor must be informed in advance. Pre-printed hand-outs in hard-copy are available if required.

A sample list of subject areas covered by Brownell is contained herein. Conference organisers should discuss their particular requirements with us and we will tailor the presentation to their precise needs.

Do Conference presentations have to be boring?
Of course not!

In fact, delegates pay more attention when they are enjoying themselves. In addition, they associate the Key Learning Points with an enjoyable experience so they remember it better and implement it faster. The result is improved customer experience, increased customer loyalty and conference events that expand year on year.

Let the Doctor immerse your conference delegates in a truly memorable experience!

It is the first keynote presentation. The Doctor takes to the stage and fumbles a little before beginning his presentation. 3 Minutes into his presentation his laptop begins to misbehave. Then there is an electrical fault and the projector dies. The doctor comments on one if his steadfast beliefs - 'If there is a problem before 10:00 you can be guaranteed there will be a complete disaster before..." and before he finishes his words the entire conference room is thrown into complete darkness.

"There you go!" exclaims the Doctor and he instructs everyone to remain seated while the technicians sort out the electrical problem. After 5 seconds of darkness and silence the room erupts to a crash of lightning and the blinding flash of extreme stage lighting. Strobe effects and smoke complete the setting as the entire conference room is engulfed in Brownell's thunder storm. The title of his presentation is


5 Minutes later, the Doctor has a delegate on stage with him. He proceeds to chop the delegates head off and restore it. Then ten minutes later, the entire audience of 500 play "follow the leader" around the exhibition hall. At the end of it all, lead by three volunteers (victims), every member of the audience is dancing the call centre dance. As break time approaches every delegate is awake, smiling and open to new ideas. The Doctor has succeeded once again. The lighting and other special effects are provided by the Doctor and they are controlled, automatically by his proprietary PowerPoint Plug-ins

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