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The Doctor believes that candidates understand and retain more when they are 'Totally immersed' in the learning process. He achieves this immersion by bringing delegates into a virtual world of learning that combines his experience, knowledge and unique presentation skills with puppet shows, magic, music, dancing, video and an array of participative games and exercises. Welcome to the World of Edu-tainment, "Brownell style"!

World of Outstanding Outsourcing

World of outstanding outsourcing60% of Contact Outsource clients attest that Outsourcing has delivered positive benefits to their business. On the other hand, 80% of Outsource arrangements that are focused on pure cost-savings are rated as failures Dr. Brownell's World of Outstanding Outsourcing provides a magical, entertaining and often hilarious analysis of Contact Outsourcing from the perspective of the client and the Service Provider. In his own, inimitable way, the Doctor clearly demonstrates that Outsource success is determined by preparedness to deal with the inevitable challenges posed by Outsourcing. The specific nature of the challenges becomes irrelevant when the client and the OSP have congruent and clearly defined, experiential and operational goals.

Contact Outsourcing and Customer Experience

Successful, Remote Customer Contact requires a complex mix of hard and soft competencies. Prompted in-part by the early-day struggles of CRM, the business world has finally accepted that humans are emotional creatures. Buying habits, loyalty and satisfaction are all developed as a result of a matrix of experiences. Some people weight the emotional experience higher, while others seem to adopt a more 'tactile' approach. Many books have been published on Customer Experience, Emotional Intelligence and even Neuro Linguistic Programming and they all point in the same general direction. A direction that the Swedish Gurus, Nordstrum and Ridderstrule refer to as "Funky Business.

The B2B world is no different from the B2C world in many respects. At the end of the day, B2B customers buy into brands because of the associated experience. Experience is comprised of all the hard and soft elements of FUNKY BUSINESS.

Contact Outsourcing policies, procedures and expectations need to be aligned to this new world order. Outsourcing at present is often built as a process-set of relatively simple Key Performance Indicators but that does not make sense. Contact Outsourcing is different from IT outsourcing or manufacturing outsourcing because each individual customer demands a consistent EXPERIENCE and not just GOOD SERVICE.

Outsource clients who successfully map their contact Outsourcing strategies with an overall Customer Experience Program are better prepared to deal with the challenges the outsource initiative is likely to create.

As the day begins, attendees are invited to board Brownell's flight 4.7.11 to a whole new world of Outstanding Outsourcing. Each delegate is provided with a 'flight coupon'. As the day progresses, the attendees realise that there is more the flight 4.7.11 than meets the eye. In fact, at the end of the program, the attendees realise that 4.7.11 is the simple mnemonic to guide them safely through the first part of the Outsource Voyage.

Each module within the program is backed up by a set of easy-to-remember lists and mnemonics that guide the delegate through the process. The key messages are re-enforced with sense-engagement exercises. The key lesson imparted over the entire program is that Outsourcing needs to be congruent with the corporate strategies and the organisational Customer Experience program. To reinforce the idea of Experience, delegates are invited to take part in seemingly innocuous lessons in dancing, magic and even juggling. Behind every performance is a key message and based on the concepts of NLP, the Doctor aims to engage as many of the delegates senses as possible.

Many conference organisers prefer to schedule Brownell's presentations for right after lunch because they know he will re-invigorate the delegates and leave them ready to learn and digest much more. According to one event organiser in Europe, "The Doctor utilises every conceivable form of delegate interaction. Once he comes on, they are sitting on the edge of their seats, in full knowledge that he will do something different. No two presentations are ever the same. Delegates still talk about his 'magic balls routine', two years after they first see it performed. He is a speaker who knows how to build customer loyalty.


  • Contact Outsourcing around the world
  • Organisational Pre-Requisites that ensure success
  • (Deciding if your organisation should Outsource)
  • Preparing the Outsource Business Case
  • Selecting an Outsource Service Provider
  • Preparing a Service Level Agreement
  • (Entering into a balanced negotiation)
  • Ongoing Management and Governance


This program can be delivered as :-
  • Conference Presentation (Partial Delivery)
  • 1-Day Tutorial (Partial Delivery)
  • 2-Day Tutorial
  • 3-Day Workshop
  • 2-Day Strategic Workshop
  • 5-Day Event (C & D)
    • Standard Delivery
    • Edutainment Delivery (Small audience)
    • Edutainment Delivery (Large audience)

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