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Outsourcing Books

Book 1 : Customer Contact Outsourcing - What Every Outsource Client Needs To Know

What Every Outsource Client Needs To KnowIs the first book in Brownell O'Connor's 'Outstanding Outsourcing' trilogy. With 15 years experience in the global Contact Centre industry and numerous executive postings in multinational, Contact Outsource organisations, Dr. Brownell not only offers clear, salient advice but he brings it all to life with a multitude of case studies and real life examples.

Brownell descends from a long line of "Seanachai" (Shan-a-key) - the story-tellers of ancient Ireland. In days of yore, the Seanachai travelled the width and breath of the land bringing news and tales of far off places. The "Seanachai" often accompanied their tales with the "fiddle" (Violin) in a form of ballad that Brownell remarks, is not entirely unlike modern-day RAP. The Doctor is unlikely to be seen playing the "fiddle" or rapping, but apart from that, for this "Fear Umpur Scealta (man of many tales), anything else goes.

Key topics covering
  • The Outsource decision
  • Preparing the Outsource Business Case
  • Selecting the most suitable Service Provider
  • Offshore considerations

Book 2 : Foundations of Effective Partnership

Key topics covering
  • Preparation of the RFP
  • The tender process
  • Evaluation of OSP bids
  • Effective due diligence
  • Preparation of the Service Level Agreement
  • Contract negotiation
  • Preparing for the headaches of transition
  • The induced complexities of offshore

Book 3 : Effective Management and Governance

Key topics covering
  • Implementing the Outsource Program
  • Overcoming transitional hurdles
  • Outsource Governance (onshore and offshore)
  • Effective Reporting Strategies
  • Maintaining the functional partnership
  • Dealing with disaster
  • The time for re-negotiation
  • The time to walk away

In addition to the Outstanding Outsourcing publications, the Doctor has also published a collection of material that includes hardcopy books, ebooks and software tools designed to assist Outsource Service Providers and Outsource Clients in maximising the benefits achievable from mutually beneficial Contact Outsource arrangements

Sample Service Level Agreement

This document is a blueprint to help ensure that clients and OSP's derive a mutually attractive agreement

Sample Business Case

This collection of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents demonstrates how a typical Contact Outsource Business case Is developed and presented

Sample OSP Business Model

This collection of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents demonstrates how a typical OSP business plan is developed and presented. (Designed to assist prospective OSP's to develop their plans).

Outsource Operations Support functionality

This is a collection of eBooks covering all aspects of Outsource operation. Each book delves into different subject matter, and guides clients and OSP's with regard to best practices, risk avoidance and root cause analysis:-

  • Vendor and Client Account Management Practices and Principles
  • Quality Control and Outsourced Customer Contact
  • Contact Centre Agent Training in the Outsource environment
  • Contact Centre Recruitment for OSP's and their clients
  • The bits and bytes of Contact Outsource Technology
  • Performance Indication, Metriculation and Management for OSP's and their clients
  • Customer Relationship Management in the Outsource arena
  • Building and managing customer experience in the Outsource environment

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