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Competency Based Training

The INSIGHTS' Contact Centre Training Program has achieved unrivalled success across the Middle East Region. The program is unique to many parts of the world, let alone this region. The uniqueness of the INSIGHTS' Program stems from INSIGHTS' affiliation with international accreditation bodies and a consistent, congruent approach to Contact Centre training.

The Global Contact Centre industry has adopted a 'competency-based' approach to recruitment assessment, performance management and now, to training. The INSIGHTS' Program is a competency-based program structured around international guidelines.

The Program begins with the Essential Agent Skills course. This course is designed to introduce new recruits to the contact centre industry. It is designed to set their expectations for their new work environment and covers common issues regarding the wearing of headsets, schedule adherence, teamwork, technology and professionalism. It is a highly inspiring course designed to motivate and educate new recruits.

Sample Outline #1 -
Questioning and Listening Skills

Questioning and Listening Skills

The more thorough agent competencies such as listening skills and questioning skills are covered in the Advanced Agent Skills course, which also offers modules which cover Outbound calling, sales techniques and eCare skills including email writing and web chat management.

Sample Outline #2 -
Telemarketing & Telesales

Telemarketing & Telesales

The next layer of courses are designed for Supervisors and Team Leaders. These courses are designed to facilitate leaders and supervisors to lead and manage team/s of agents who have passed the Essential/Advanced Agent courses. The concept being that by attending the training programs agents will have certain expectations of their leaders. These courses are designed to ensure that the leaders and supervisors are competent in their job function whilst delivering on the expectations of the agents they lead. Of course, the Supervisory course, by its very nature, focuses the expectations that supervisors have of their managers.

INSIGHTS' recognise the importance of supervisory expectations in terms of developing a motivated work-force and so they have developed a number of training programs aimed specifically at call centre managers. The fundamental management course is the INSIGHTS' Certificate in Call Centre Management and the advanced course is the CIAC-accredited certificate course. The CIAC qualification is recognised as a global standard in contact centre management training and offers graduates opportunities for further qualification should they decide to develop their career further.

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