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Rousing the C-Suite
Obsessing over the Customer
Acquiring Capability
Demanding Commitment

MECC 2018
Middle East Call Centre Awards

Let MECC/CX'18 Help You On The R.O.A.D Ahead

Rousing the C-Suite

Regional decision makers are behind the curve when it comes to leveraging customer service for new business growth opportunities and even further in implementing company wide customer engagement projects. This obviously needs to change in the new customer experience era. The alternative is to be reduced to a trader competing only on price (and the race to the bottom) - urgent education guidance and advice is required here.

Obsessing over the Customer

For businesses to compete and grow they need to understand customer journeys clearly and not just their pre-sales activities. Increasingly post sales interaction is more important on an ongoing revenue/profitability basis. In this context, understanding changing customer expectations and their pain points, the organisation's own error rates, where customers expend unnecessary efforts, etc is imperative to not only achieve customer satisfaction metrics but drive positive customer loyalty, advocacy and increased wallet share. New processes, techniques and metrics are a must here.

Acquiring the necessary Capability

An evolving Contact Centre or CX project requires executive buy-in and leadership, a clear roadmap, competent staff and the right tools as a minimum. Outside of the former, options here include training, certification, use of consultants and Outsourcers, and technology upgrade/new investment choices. Every project will be different but every project will require all of the above components and getting the balance of effort and focus right will be crucial. Experienced practitioners and their successful case studies are invaluable sources of ideas and inspiration here.

Demanding internal Commitment

Execution is everything when it comes to achieving the required results and no component can afford to be the weak link that undermines the strength of the whole project. Ensuring the right results, correlations and effects are being continuously monitored and reported is also a key activity and the only way to ensure the initial efforts can be validated and expanded going forward. Silos are set to disappear in this new environment and creation of leadership in, and contribution to cross-functional teams will be the new norm going forward.

MECC/CX '18 & Awards '18 Have Been Integrated More Tightly Than Ever

Submission data collected in the annual INSIGHTS Call Centre Awards competition allows precise identification of what is actually going on in the regional market, the call centres that are doing an exceptional job, the unique ways problems have been resolved and the trends and issues that are of most concern. MECC/CX '18 can therefore, with a high degree of authority, focus on:-
  1. The Key Strategic Issues That Need To Be Faced & Resolved.
  2. The Lessons That Can Be Learned From Successful Regional Problem-Solvers, - Our New Awards'18 Category
  3. Highly Relevant 1 day Workshops That Allow A Fuller Treatment of Key Topics For Particular Call Centre Staff.

MECC/CX '18 - Your One-Stop Regional Solution For Ideas Inspiration & Information On How To Dramatically Improve Your Contact Centre & Associated CX Project In The Most Cost-Effective And Award-Winning Ways


New Conference Format

  • Regional Problem-Solving Approach
  • Integrated Tightly With Awards'18 Competition
  • Dedicated Learning Tracks For Your Individual Call Centre Team Members

Awards Competition Enhancements

  • Alternative Ways To Win
  • More Regional Judging Decisions Than Ever
  • New "Problem-Solver" Categories Added

State of the Subject Workshops

  • Highly Focused Options
  • Presented By International Experts
  • Free Access To Additional Tools, Templates And Benchmarking Guides.

MECC/CX '18 is part of INSIGHTS mission to realign the contact centre with business improvement goals. It will provide leadership, guidance and ideas, on how to

  1. Get away from a cost centre and an irrelevant KPIs mentality
  2. Insist on realistic budgets for training, certification, motivation and other ongoing improvement initiatives that can demonstrate clear RoI
  3. Report on the relative costliness of customer hurt through ineffectiveness elsewhere in the organisation
  4. Leverage new business opportunity through collected business intelligence
  5. Drive customer loyalty and advocacy

10 MECC'18 Benefits

  1. Stay up to date with relevant industry and regional developments/options
  2. Collect valuable ideas that you can't find elsewhere
  3. Build your network and be inspired by your peers
  4. Learn new, innovative ways to solve region-specific problems
  5. Get great deals on new product/service offerings from participating MECC '18 vendors
  6. Get your key staff trained on specific functional subjects
  7. Collect invaluable planning input, in particular on avoiding expensive mistakes
  8. Learn more about standards and certification and how they can provide a business benefit
  9. Take advantage of rock-bottom conference pricing to educate your whole team
  10. Return to your workplace equipped to take immediate action that will make a significant difference

Who Should Attend

  1. Customer Service, Sales, Marketing Directors/Managers
  2. Contact Centre Managers/Senior Staff
  3. CRM Decision Makers
  4. Business Development Managers
  5. Telecom/IT Managers
  6. Communications/Voice Specialists
  7. Developers/Systems Integrators

Tutorials - APRIL 23

T1. CX Strategy for Decision Makers
T2. Digital Transformation In The Contact Centre

Workshops - APRIL 26

W1. Designing & Running An Effective VoC Program
W2. Improving Your QA Process

Call Centre 2018 Conference

April 24-25, 2018

Day 1 - April 24, 2018

1 Rousing the C-Suite
2 Obsessing over the customer
3 New ways to improve staff productivity
4 Recruiting right & becoming obsessive about training & development
5 Reworking your QA process to better meet rising customer expectations
6 Changing your KPI focus as your call centre evolves
Problem-Solver Sessions

Day 2 - April 25, 2018

7 Acquiring the necessary Capability
8 Demanding internal Commitment
9 Crafting an ongoing, RoI-driven technology upgrade path
10 Making employee satisfaction a priority
11 Mastering the reporting process
12 Action plan guidance
Problem-Solver Sessions

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CX/OSP 2018 Conference

April 24-25, 2018

Day 1 - April 24, 2018 - CX TRack

1 CX Project Development Planning
2 CX Project Discovery
3 Executive Support - Senior Management Buy-in & Involvement
4 Breaking Down Internal Silos
5 CX Project Design
6 CX Project Rollout
Problem-Solver Sessions

Day 2 - April 25, 2018 - OSP Track

7 Recognising The Problems That Need To Be Solved
8 Identifying Your Needs Explicitly
9 Working Through The "Internal Sales" Process
10 Investigating & Considering The Market Options
11 Choosing A "Best Fit" OSP
12 Management & Governance Of Your OSP Relationship
Problem-Solver Sessions

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Technology Conference

Free Places For Qualified * Delegates

April 24-25, 2018
* Free Technology Track Places (1 For Each Main Conference Registration)

Practical guidance on the latest technology ideas and trends, including stability, reliability and RoI calculations involving
  • Omnichannel
  • Analytics
  • Chat-bots/AI
  • Speech Recognition
  • + More

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